Gelarex Buy in Pharmacy

Can Gelarex be purchased at the pharmacy?

Many people are interested in whether it is possible to buy Gelarex for hemorrhoids at the pharmacy and where to order this drug. Unfortunately, the cream is not sold in pharmacies in Portugal. The manufacturer deliberately refused to distribute the cream through pharmacy chains to make the product available to everyone. Therefore, you can buy the cream only on the official website. This has its advantages:

  • there is no need to talk to a pharmacist or feel ashamed;
  • you are insured against counterfeiting and receive a 100% original drug;
  • savings on purchase, as Gelarex is sold on the site at no additional cost.

Natural medicines are often counterfeit and ordering through the site is your insurance against the purchase of a low quality product.

How to order a remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids:

  • fill in the order form;
  • wait for the call from the operator;
  • get a free consultation;
  • collect your order by post.

No one will know that you have ordered a hemorrhoid cream, so buying through the site is also psychologically more comfortable than buying drugs at the pharmacy. Payment is made by post when you receive your order, with no upfront payments or hidden costs.